Osprey Resorts’ Jasper House Bungalows Policies

Cancellation Policy:
A minimum 7-day cancellation notice is required. Cancelling your reservation will result in a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations made 0-7 days prior to arrival, are charged one night’s accommodation.

Check In Policy:
Guests must be at least 21 years of age to rent a room. Guests may check in any time after 4 p.m. on date of arrival. Please arrive for check in with your identification, credit card and license plate number to expedite the process.

Late Check In Policy:
The front office is open from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. but may be closed based on its seasonal hours. If you are expecting to check in outside of our regular front office hours, please notify us directly to make late arrival check in arrangements.

Late Checkout Policy:
Please arrange any late checkouts directly with the front desk prior. Checkouts after 11:30a.m. result in a $50 fee. Failing to checkout before 3 p.m. can incur a room charge of one full day plus tax applied to guest’s credit card.

Early Checkout Policy:
Your reservation is confirmed with the dates, in a confirmation email and again at check in, any early checkouts will result’s in the full payment of the original reservation.

Lost Key Policy:
A lost, or non-returned key will be charged a $75.00 fee as we will have to change the locks.

No Smoking Policy:
All guest rooms are 100% smoke-free, designated smoking areas are located at the gazebos around the property. A minimum $250 deep cleaning fee or damages will be charged to any guest who violates the smoking policy in any space on property.

Noise & Disturbance Policy:
We operate a family friendly resort. Any excessive noise in or around the cabins is not acceptable, and especially not tolerated between the hours of 11 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. The resort reserves the right to evict and/or charge a $300.00 noise disturbance fee to anyone not following our policies.

Extra Guest in Room Policy:
A maximum number of guests in each room, is limited by fire code and occupancy restrictions. Guests checking in with additional people can be refused service and additional people found in rooms are subject to eviction from the resort by management effective immediately and a charge of $100 per additional person per night applied to guest’s credit card.

Damage to Room & Missing Items Policy:
Any additional cleaning that is deemed to be in excess of normal use of the facilities will incur a fee based on extra time needed to clean. Guest is responsible for any damages and/or missing items taken from the room, and remedy for which will be applied to guest’s credit card. This includes lost revenue if the room is placed out of order.

No Pet Policy:
Jasper House Bungalows is located in a wildlife corridor. As a safety precaution to our guests, the public and to wildlife, pets are strictly prohibited from all rooms and spaces within and around our property. This includes any pets enclosed in private vehicles while visiting our property. Any guest who violates the No Pet Policy will face eviction and a minimum $250 fee for deep cleaning, damages or disturbances.

Fire/Barbecue Policy:
We have a strict no Fire/Barbecue policy for guest of Jasper House Bungalows. We have a fire ban on our property due to the pine beetle infestation in Jasper National Park and extreme weather until further notice. It is also common for wildlife to come on our property looking for food. Any guest(s) who violates the no fire/barbeque policy will face eviction and a minimum $250 fee for damage.

Credit/Debit Policy:
At time of check in, guests will be asked to authorize the resort to charge the following to their credit card, as necessary: any remaining balance owing for reservation, any additional incidental charges applied to the guest room, and any policy violation fees that may have been incurred during the stay.

Unregistered Guests:
An unregistered guest is considered anyone without a reservation or persons over the maximum allowable room limit. Any additional unregistered guests will result in an additional charge of $100 per person and possible eviction of the entire party.

Visitors of Guests:
Visitors of guests must always be accompanied by a registered guest of Jasper House Bungalows. Visitors of guests must vacate the property by 10 pm. Visitors on the property after 10 pm will be considered as an unregistered guest.