Interpretive Programs

Jasper National Park is a place for visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and reconnect with nature.

Participate in one of the park’s learning experiences or interpretive programs and discover the magic of Jasper National Park.

Dark Sky Preserve
Jasper National Park was designated a Dark Sky Preserve in 2011. The park  is committed to protecting and preserving the night sky and reducing or eliminating light pollution  to have minimal impact on an unimpeded night sky.

The park hosts  special programs throughout the fall and winter to celebrate and promote awareness of our Dark Skies including the annual Jasper Dark Sky Festival held every October.

Jasper Red Chair Program
Six pairs of red Adirondack chairs have been placed around the park in different awe-inspiring locations that tell great stories. Some are easy to find, while locating others will be an adventure.

How many can you find?